• DistractedIndividual

    Going to a Post Secret exhibit tomorrow….this whole end of the world stuff doesn't ruin my day! I'd be pissed….

    • napamamascribe

      super super jealous! have fun. They're supposed to be really amazing

  • napamamascribe

    ❤ #13 heheh

  • jessie

    #13…i do it and paint or sew…fn awesome!

  • Arrow

    #1 Don't keep it a secret. Tell them how you feel about cats. You will be the one that loses friendships and relationships. It's called being real and being honest…the least that someone you care about deserves.

    • emilie

      Cats are evil creatures that know instinctively who's allergic to them & beelines for that person.

  • ginger


  • justme1977

    #11…me too

  • Balorati

    #8 Then actually talk to her about the dangerous disease that you suffer from as well instead of sending in an anonymous letter to a website…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521541108 cmonstur


    So true:)

  • judy

    I'm with #3

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