• http://www.realsextoyreviews.com/reviews/ Miranda

    Number 6 is awesome. They are all pretty funny, but I dig that one best for some reason.

  • Dan

    #7 must be some kind of alien dance.

  • Amelia

    Matt Smith wins. Everything.

  • That Guy

    #10 carlton is always winning. do the carlton.

  • misschris

    #1 – Oh Barney. He cracks me up.

  • flibble

    is #8 UFO?

    and I looked at this gallery while listening to "beer and sex and chips and gravy" by The Macc Lads. it went well.

  • mali_sapun

    #11 not recommended for epileptics

  • Spocker


    What the hell is this group's name? I had it once, but I forget.

    • Ashley

      It's Genki Sudo.

      • Ashley

        And it's about 3:50 into the video for Machine Civilization.

  • http://www.neztradesign.com Neztra

    Matt Smith FTW. #7

  • Spocker


    Paul Newman gots some great moves

  • lulu

    loved fresh prince nods, #9 and #10 ! where's Elaine though??

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