Bieber’s fragrance commercial with an older woman (video)

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Justin Bieber is now 17 and has recently been in the news for romancing it up with Selena Gomez. However, with his new fragrance commercial, he is all about a blonde. The 23-year-old in the commercial is a fashion model and actress Dree Hemingway. She has done large campaigns for Gucci, Valentino, H&M, Chanel, Jean Paul Gautier and more.

The commercial starts with the blonde actress spraying Bieber’s fragrance called “Someday” on her neck. Then it gets pretty cheesy because she flies away with Bieber. However, since so many girls are obsessed with this young heartthrob he might just have the right idea. A guy making a fragrance for a girl – I bet he’s going to bank.

  • DistractedIndividual

    Wow, talk about cheesy and awkward… The Beibarmy will go bezerk-

  • walkingtheriver

    He needs new shoes. Seriously

  • testmemofo

    creepy and cheesy

  • LalaaFace

    id say he has a pure boner and floatings the only thing that hides it!

  • Alicia Longoria

    this cant be real!!! HA HA HA!!

  • PrinceHamlette

    The 'music' for this video is just plain awful! Out of tune music box layered over fast paced violin layered over hip hop beat with the most random sound bytes I have ever heard! Gasping? Electronica 'break-down'? Sniffling? Sprizt-ing? Cliche magic sound just for giggles? My ears are confused.

    As for imagry, this is pretty normal for a 'fragrance' commercial but better shoes/outfit on Bieber would have taken it from 'Lolcandylolololololteenagegirllol!!!1!11!!!one!!' scent to 'I am an actual adult' scent.

  • headless

    I saw this commercial and i thought it was a joke, apparently i was wrong and its real. It just so ultra creepy and makes me very comfortable, i have no idea maybe because hes pawing at her, im not really sure which part of this makes that little voice in my head go you shouldnt be watching it. danger headless! danger!

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