Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (45 photos)

I can't thank you enough for sending such goodness my way! I think I speak for all the ladies of theBERRY when I say we appreciate the pics of yourself (hello hot chivers!) and your boyfriend/husband/friends.

AWESOME instructions: Be creative! You get bonus points if you write BERRY on your body or hold up a sign that says hi BERRY ladies, etc. Click SUBMIT or send photos to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. We can't do this post without your hotness. Thanks, Emily & Megan aka Super Hybrid

Click SUBMIT to send your photo in for Hot Men of theBERRY!

Click HERE for more shirtless fun!

  • Missy

    #17 HOOOOOT

  • Samantha

    #16 One of the sexiest guys Ive seen in a long time.

  • Eugene

    I’m honored to have made the cut, thanks Berry, made my day:) Woot!

    – #43

  • mike137


    OMG so chuffed to have made it on theBERRY!

    thank you so much ladies!😀

  • Nikki

    yummy #33 #34 !!!

  • alysinwunderland

    Wow! Thanks guys! Loyal Chivette here and I have to admit that even though I love tits and ass dearly, it is nice to see the other side for once! Well done, well done.

  • tennessee_girl87

    #7 is adorable! there need to be more pictures of just regular guys. sure, i love pictures of men with abs, but a little stomach pudge isn't a bad thing!

  • Jenny

    #1 we NEED to see your face! All firefighters need to look like that!!:)

    #16 keep on fighting, your soooo hot!!!!

  • x_Jaz_x

    #1 What a stud.. I've got the same piercings! #32.. YUM!!!!😛

  • christie

    #33 I love your smile. Only if you'd lemme see that face (;

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