Afternoon eye candy: Random hotties: Geek Edition (38 photos)


Hey! If you know someone (and by someone I mean your boyfriend or friend) that is ‘Hot Men of theBERRY’ worthy… get your hands on a pic of them and send it in! Click SUBMIT or mail to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com!

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  • ale

    #1, talk nerdy plz!…

  • justchuckingaround

    my love for zachary levi has been justified

  • espresso

    love #4! :)
    but where is justin bartha in failure to launch?????

  • Suzie


  • jessie

    #2 love love love…my biggest celebrity crush…i'd go on a boat with him anyday!…lol

    • jessie


    • mali_sapun

      your electric bill would be sky high from washing all of his pants :D but i agree!

  • Alisia Nava

    andy samburg and daniel tosh….tooo adorable! lol love them

  • Aimee

    Who is #27 ?

  • Robin

    what makes *even half* of these guys geeks? disappointed as well

  • notagamble


    also. where's the goob? how do you have a geek post and no matthew gray gubler? he's the hottest geek there is!

    • Marwa Fahama

      artie is not real….Kevin McHale can walk. yes it's a miracle -.-'

  • Leilani Medule

    Andy and # 5! totally smashable! Omg Andy is SOOO effin’ hawt. He always looks so sexy in his Lonely Island vids! And number 5 is so sexy yet sweet looking. Mmmm mmm good!

  • yh66600

    #38 I love Simon he's hilarious

  • Justin

    More than half of these people aren't nerds, just regular celebrities…

  • sandy

    Why are they all white?

  • random chick

    #1 MORE PLEEEEEEASE!!! I thing we need an entire post dedicated to Mr Levi…

  • Jasmine

    This would be PERFECT if it have Jesse Eisenburg in it <3

  • Ele

    hellooooooooo where's johnny galecki?

  • ydodonutshave2die

    micheal cera…..?

  • Typ

    To whoever asked for Russell Howard ( #30 ) : I love you.

  • Kel

    Who is #24?

  • Emily Goodman

    Love the selections, but even as a geek girl I don't recognize a lot of them… some ID and/or why they're on the list would be hot fudge sauce on the sundae if you're able, but thanks for sharing in the first place. :)

  • danni

    Where's John francis Daley (freeksand geeks -bones)

  • Tasha D Moody

    32 >.< love Jason

  • Kat

    My FAVORITE post evaaaaaaaaahhhh! TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY <3<3<3<3
    #20 Sheldon has got some brains on him for sure
    #26 Pretty certain Kevin will be my babies daddy
    #31 Plays the best badass in Charlies Angels
    #32 Oh Jason how I adore you
    I'm swooning here people, love me some geeks

  • wench

    out of all those people, only 2.5 were hot – the half is the reflectoin of the guy behind that daxter dude, #10

  • madamecursorla

    #8 YAAAAAAYY!!!!

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