• DistractedIndividual

    #23 Wonder what he's measuring:]

  • bubblerider86

    That smile! Those baby blues! And yes the Abs!!! WTF does he play in….i'll be sure to become a fan:)

    • Lexxy


  • Allenavw

    theBerry is blocked at my work, but not theChive. I find this confusing and frustrating ESPECIALLY with galleries like these I'm missing. Wowza!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1521541108 cmonstur

    Where can I get one? I'm normally not a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes but I am totally willing to make an exception on grounds of excessive gorgeousness.

  • GypsyBread

    Holy moly! Cute, handsome, hot, sexy…he is just everything! Wowee.

  • Jewels


  • SugarSkull

    damn! what a babe!

  • yepppp!

    I think im in love….

  • toto

    He is delicious. I would watch him just sit there on tv. I want more.

  • Eri

    I likey and normally don't like blondes:) Also, reminds me of young Robert Redford in #5

  • Jill

    such a hotty. I love him so much he makes me quiver

  • jill

    Totally Robert Redford mixed with Brad Pitt

  • stephen

    He looks like Ryan Secrests little brother. Oh, and who the hell is he?

  • SpeckyBecky

    Who wouldn't? Yum, he's one reason i watch 90210!

  • Marilu86

    WOW he really exists???

  • Jen

    i bet he's gay

  • amy

    *yawn* -disappointed

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