• Alicia

    #17 thanks for posting, berry! he's still just as handsome to this day:)

  • las vegas

    #29 is really bittersweet

  • http://www.facebook.com/christyleeelliott Christy Lee Howell

    didn't make it into the caption, but my gramma used to used to fill that bandana with snacks, tie it to a stick, and send my sister and off into her jungle of a backyard to play hobos. haha.


  • Jennifer Myers

    Ha! Thank you for posting my pics, ladies! (I'm the one with the big wheel and with the trucker hat). : )

  • http://www.yourfavorite.tv/blog/afternoon-crumbs-19 Afternoon Crumbs | Entertainment News

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  • http://www.neztradesign.com Neztra

    #14 made me giggle. Great pic and great caption. Thanks for sharing!

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