• BelaR

    Is there anything else in Paris? I guess there is…

    • Lau

      My first thought exactly

    • walkingtheriver

      Nope, the only thing Paris exists of is the Eiffel Tower

  • Jay

    I live in Paris, its really not all that great. Parisians are the rudest, nastiest people I've ever met. And as soon as my work is done I'm outta here.

    • George

      Dude, WTF? What Paris are you living in? Change neighbourhoods or something! Where I live, in the sixth, it's like living in a village, people couldn't be nicer. My studio is in the 10th – same thing. My French is lousy, but people are always helping me out. I'm just loving it here (and in love with French woman!). Hope thing get better for you.

  • http://twitter.com/rateelicious @rateelicious

    that's very great picture ..

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