• Snake

    hahaha that blonde girl with the braces is actually really cute, but the oscar goes to that chobby kid hahaha omg lol!

  • Ryan

    Man that fat chick has problems…so does that chubby guy with all Twishiznit. Anyone else find it suspicious that the commercial before this was a condom commercial? TEAM CARLIMMETT FOREVER!

    • Leather & Lace

      What a dick YOU are…so let's see…the GIRL is FAT but the GUY is only chubby? If you just HAD to point out only those two and comment about both of them you could have had the descency and MATURITY to say the girl that ended the clip and the only guy in the video. I'm surprised you didn't say something derogatory about the black girls in the video! You probably wanted to but knew the comment would get canned if you did. Crawl back under your rock and come out when you grow up and get some common sense.

  • Dameson

    Kill it. Kill it now with fire.

  • Marisa

    It's twilight guys, not harry potter.

  • Whovian

    Dear twihards thank you for making the whovians and trekkies look well adjusted:)

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