Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (58 photos)

Here it is! Another 'Hot men of theBERRY' post full of real hotties! I can't thank you enough for submitting such glorious photos. CHIVERS: way to pay back the CHIVETTES! Ladies: thanks for sending pics of your boyfriends, husbands and friends! Keep 'em coming.

If you want to be a part of the next 'Hot men of theBERRY' post, you have to get creative. Take a snap shot of yourself with a sign that says 'hi BERRY' or 'thanks CHIVETTES.' Writing on yourself = bonus points. Click SUBMIT or send to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

Emily & Megan AKA Super Hybrid

p.s. If you didn't see yourself this week, check back next Friday!

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Click HERE to see last week’s batch of real hot men!

  • Justin

    I beat my Chivette friend into getting on TheBerry or TheChive so I'm stoked but like 53 had said, glad to see that Emily will post pictures of the slim guys too:)

    I'll apply for this gallery again once I finish my sleeves at the end of Summer.

    The Boston Native (#55)

    • Nicole

      You bum❤
      Love your Chivette friend

  • Jessicaaa

    Oh, hello #30.. I'm loving the lil crack shot ;0) Keep posting! #6, your return is much appreciated! Yummm to #5, #55, #56, and to Will for being such a BerryFan!!❤ Best post ever!

  • @simply_sayrah

    Finally get some faces! Love it boys (and girls that sent in their boys). This is one of the best Hot Men of theBerry cause I actually see some very handsome faces!:)

  • Mmmandiii

    I'm the lucky lady married to #32 !!!

    • DaniiSwe


  • Mmm_Ciao

    #19 A fellow climber! Climb on!

    • Jeff from canada

      Climb on till your days end

  • Kirby

    #1… Find him and bring me MORE! Those lips…

  • Marie

    I am soo taking a road trip to West Point!

  • Jen

    #57 SCORE! and #10, why do you have clothes on?😉

  • Anna

    #19 I love Jeff from Canada.. Thinkin' 'bout immigratio now😀

    • Jeff from canada

      Well thanks

  • Jeff_fromCanada

    Thanks all!

  • mark

    yay!!!made it…im 10 :Dthank you all :):)

  • Theresa Flynn

    #53 yet another reason i wanna go to Great britin

  • christie

    #21 Nice teeth:)
    #30 STOP! but don't really cause youre sexy!

  • HotMommy43

    You guys are all hot! To the ladies, thanks for submitting your BF or hubby!

  • Bruninho

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