• That Guy

    art… a fine line between pretentiousness and passion.

  • Lisa

    Why not jot down the artist information when you're capturing the images from their sites? They deserve credit!

    • Ashley

      Maybe you should stop trolling

    • I Know You Want To

      Yeah I think you're right Ashley. Or just a reference to the website. And the artist deserves to know that their work is posted in other places on the internet. It's called 'copyright'. I'm not sure that they actually are..

  • DistractedIndividual

    All of these are amazing! I love #6 #7 #10 and #24 the best though:) I'll try submitting more of my work someday in hopes of making it into one of these:)

  • thedroh

    number 1 is by Brandon Boyd (Incubus) i believe

  • shedevil85

    #1 is called a zen-tangle (or zen-tangle inspired), super easy and so much fun! And they look super awesome to boot.

  • Ivonne Puga

    Picture 25 is the cover of a book: "Delirio" by Mercedes Restrepo, one of my favorites, I'll let you know who made it😀

    • http://twitter.com/mon318 @mon318

      #25 is Revenge of the Goldfish by Sandy Skoglund

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