Afternoon eye candy: Anthony Kiedis (29 photos)

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  • Bree1912

    Loved Dave Grohl yesterday…not sure if I'm into this guy though…

  • @erinwillett

    not a fan…

  • Vrani_Volosa

    yum, yum, yum:) I like him since the first time I saw him:)

  • Lola

    thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

  • DistractedIndividual

    He's cute…a "meh" compared to yesterday though.

    • Bree1912

      Definitely meh…

  • Gwenn

    Absolutely love what you’re doing here, berry!! Keep it up with the rockers!! Suggestion for tomorrow: Kurt Cobain!

    • Emma

      Yes! We definitely need a Kurt Cobain post.

  • Emma

    Ahhh! Everyday I find new reasons to love theBerry! I am totally loving Rocker Week! Keep it up Emily and Megan!

  • Wheezy

    OMG This is absolutely magnificent THANK YOU!!!!!

  • V-Dawg

    Soooooo hot!!! I love RHCP, and he's such a 10. Keep it up with rockers, these are some of the best posts yet!

  • Melissa Ragsdale

    This is even better than yesterday! I have loved him and RHCP since the 80's and I'm just so happy that Anthony has cleaned himself up and kept rockin'! Tomorrow EDDIE VEDDER!!! Oh man, I may need a moment

  • Evelyn

    i dont see it… =/

  • Sarahhhh

    i dont think he is great looking, but i loooooove RHCP so i approve!

  • SugarSkull

    nice hair, he seems charming

  • fgh

    One more meh. I think he's too old for keeping that style.

  • percivaldut

    #19 Girly Girl. Like the other though… cool tats

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