Daily Awww: Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (30 photos)

Hi everyone! Y'all have the cutest lil' pets. There were so many awesome submissions... if you didn't see your pet pic, check back next week! Feel free to send yours. Click SUBMIT up top or mail to: theBERRYsubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Have a great one! Emily & Megan

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Click HERE to see the last batch of C-U-T-E pets!

  • Cornville Surf-n-Swap

    Adorable pics!:)

  • Becca Beckham

    #13 jon was the bestest dog. i miss him everyday.

  • http://twitter.com/erinwillett @erinwillett

    I love these pets! #23 made me lol

  • Terrance_

    #2…your very own Snoopy! Love it.

  • HardCore

    yea #5 thats my baby!!! love my Tankers

    • http://twitter.com/simply_sayrah @simply_sayrah

      OMG I love your dog!

  • Lisa H

    I had never heard of cats detecting low blood sugar before a couple of days ago when I read a story on Mental Floss, and now this one. Yay hero kitties!

  • TicTac

    This post makes me want a pet, but then I remember myself that I live in a small apartment and that's not a good place for an animal…. then I return to enjoy all your pets with a big smile and I wish again to have one and a bigger place with a garden:)

    • DarcDK

      If you are a cat person… Ragdoll cat's is a good pet when you live in a apartment. google them, and i'm sure you know what i mean:)

    • HardCore

      some dogs are good apartment dogs, #5 is mine and i live in an apartment. Low activity dogs are great, just a daily walk and they are good to go

  • Leather & Lace

    #10 Amazing Eyes! The dogs right eye looks like it might be two colors. That's so cool looking. I love looking at animals eyes.

  • selena

    #4 is so adorablw=e i have two pugs and thier gorgues

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