GIFS are like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day (14 gifs)


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  • mali_sapun

    #4 is the best

  • That Guy

    #9 has me laughing so hard!!!! i can watch that all day. thanks Berry.

  • misschris

    Those were hilarious! #12 I Must learn how to do that!

  • Liz

    All I could think of 6 when followed by 7: "Thank you for being a friend. XD

  • Bree1912

    I want one!!! #4 So flippin cute!

  • Leonel

    #8 Is that Stanley? Oh wait, it's Dwight? Hahaha.

  • Nathan Hart

    #14 Moist…moist…moist…

  • MacNCheesePro

    #6 Here, let me help you pick up your vagina….

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