• Samantha

    The three tighns I love about summer (in no particular order): 1. beach days w/ my son who is just discovering the joys of digging in the sand!2. sundresses for me because they are so comfy3. the smell of sunscreen

  • http://www.miscfinds4u.com Connie

    I'm all for gorgeous cupcakes as long as they taste as good as they look!😉

  • Czekolada

    Awesome and inspiring. Love it.

  • Vedette

    I'd rather put them on diplay because eating them would feel such a waste.

  • Lola

    #14 and #20 Pretty please with a cherry on top!!! lololol

  • http://www.smallbizcounseldaily.com Robert Rogers

    WHAT?! Did you see the one where they were eating their cupcake with a fork?!? Cupcake heresy!😉 Just teasing… And these look splendid!

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