• http://facebook.com/itsmeeshkay Michelle Vaden

    Awww, my friend was on here and told me she saw a picture of me and my husband. Had to check to see…now I’m really excited! The picture was taken when we were reunited after he came back from deployment.

  • sam

    left a huge portion of the population out when it comes to love, it's not homosexuality that's in the closet, thanks to bigots like you…it's love.

    • gr8

      What about over wieght people? We ARE a huge portion of the population and can not even fit into closets… But do you hear us bitching about the lack of pictures of heavy set people in love? Nope! Cause that is not what the Berry is all about. I go elesewhere to see that and sir you should too!

    • http://www.twitter.co./lalaaface LalaaFace

      maybe its just because they have a higher amount of straight couple images but no it would be really nice to see a mix..:)

  • Bj Schmidt

    #35 is real love!

  • lauren

    #26 toooo cute!

  • fern

    I am not a bigot nor am I homophobic I just have no desire to see any gay love. The Berry is not about that, go find a gay web site… Thank you Berry.

    • antdak

      If that is the Berry stance on love, then you just lost a customer!

      • Monica

        You just shoo along then and get your deviance somewhere else.

        Customer?? Really and what are you buying here?

  • Shea

    How is The Chive out clasing The Berry? What you say is not so, they both equally rock sir!

    As a loyal Chivette and the wife of a hardcore Chiver I know my hubby would flip if they posted some guys kissing. He is not a gay basher and neither am I but we just do not enjoy photos of such things. I am glad they do not post such things here. If they did I would cease my daily surfing activities through the Berry.

    However, for my husband two girls kissing is an entirely different thing (for The Chive ONLY) it is not about them being lesbians it's about two girls going at it… Hypocritical? Possibaly. Classy? Dunno. Hot? At least for many males and my hubby- you betcha!

    You ARE awesome Berry!

    • Keep it interesting

      so he's not a gay basher but he would 'flip' if he saw some gay people kissing – unless they're hot girls then it's ok?

      He sounds nice…

      Check this photo out, it's cute, it's gay and it's lovely. What do you guys think?

  • http://www.twitter.co./lalaaface LalaaFace

    #5 what is in the jar?

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