51-year-old ‘Lost’ actor Doug Hutchison married 16-year-old (4 photos)

Yikes... 51-year-old 'Lost' actor Doug Hutchison married "16" year-old country singer Courtney Stodden. Hutchison looks super creepy and the 16-year-old looks at least 30 (her website claims she is 16).

You probably don’t even know who this dude is unless you’ve watched The Green Mile, Lost or The X-Files. Minors from the age of 16 can get married in Vegas with their parent’s permission and Courtney Stodden’s mom was happy to do so. The couples' official statement pointed out that their "vast age difference is extremely controversial,” but guaranteed they are "very much in love and want to get the message out there that true love can be ageless.

It gets better… Courtney's mom made a hilarious statement. "Courtney was a virgin when she married Doug. She is a good Christian girl... She is a beautiful girl. She has real breasts, real lips, she's not plastic." Check out the pictures below and tell us if you think that is bullsh*t or not.


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