• jessie

    yay…i love him…..there is something very sexy about a man who cna make you laugh!

  • GingerLounge

    Yessssssss! #20 #15 #9 #5

  • http://salon-intrigue.citymax.com Vanesa

    love him!

  • evelyn

    he is so adorable!!

  • Melly

    finally!!! one of the sexiest men on tv!

  • jen

    he was really hot back in the day….but then he got fat

  • ashley

    soo sexy!! #21 is my fave!!

  • http://awkwardcrushes.tumblr.com alycat

    thank you so much for posting this. i love him so much.

  • Jen

    scrolled back up to #25 and paused.

  • Chazwilder2

    Surprised no one has mentioned his scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Figured the ladies would have liked that, lol.

  • Dayna

    All I can say is….REALLY? To each his own.

  • Alicia

    I love his scruffy look!

  • Amelia K.

    Handsome,talented, AND funny…I❤ Jason Segal

  • Karen

    Jason is SO sexy! Luv him!❤

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