Afternoon eye candy: Hot men of theBERRY! (65 photos)


Lookin' good! Thanks for submitting such great pics.

Do you want to be a part of the next 'Hot men of theBERRY' gallery? You have to get creative. Write 'theBERRY' or 'hi chivettes' somewhere on yourself or a sign. Don't be afraid to smile either… ladies love that. Click HERE or mail to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[com].

Thanks a million,
Emily & Megan aka super hybrid

p.s. I want to make a 'Hot men of theBERRY: Military Edition' but I need your help. If you are in the military or know a hottie that is, please submit a photo. Do it for your country!

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  • Amanda

    Love ittttttttt. Please go on posting more!

  • Nicole

    Ahhhhh i Looveee fridays……..

  • Jessica Condrey

    Any of these hotties got a PSN they wanna give me ? :D I play Black Ops, Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Occasionally Socom.
    Shoot em' Up!

  • Nikki

    #6 if this was a self shot photo kudos. and DAMN i stopped on this one for a while #16 #24 love the effort put in thank you, you sexy sexy men!!

  • Sammy

    #29 #30 #40 #50 <33333333333333333 mmmmmm

  • Kelsey

    #9 yum. <3

    • Claire

      I'm pretty sure I'm in love with him

  • SteelCityChivette

    To #17, thank you for playing along with my suggestion! It's becoming my new favorite Friday game. To the rest of the berriers, you're welcome. ;)

    #43 hello gorgeous. that lip ring, those eyes.

  • Ashlee

    #5 i would love to play but i have no idea what to guess without feeling ignorant! Your sexyyy as fuuckkk though.

  • Kristel

    #40 *swoons*<3

  • Snooks

    Unless the pic is uploaded by a GF the guy is a queer.

    • Claire

      Way to be an assdouche

    • DistractedIndividual

      So using your theory, unless the Sexy Chivette pics are uploaded by their BF the girl is a Dyke. Way to go ass-wad.

  • LouD

    # 36 yesss.

  • Gwenn

    I just want to bite #43's lip! YUM!!!

  • Kitty


    • DistractedIndividual

      Nice play.

  • aimeexamazing

    #43 i waaaaaant sexy

  • Mandie

    #53…Adorable and sexy. Please be single….

  • Fringe

    #16…I want to get tangled up with you.

  • DaniiSwe

    Hotness overflow. #8, #27 and #43 are so hot! A very nice picture of #28

  • khgarrity

    #19 My baby. :) Yum.

  • katethegreat

    #18…omg yes. looks like Adrian Grenier aka vincent chase from entourage

  • Rachelle

    ahhhh! these guys are so so hot, working men, tatted me, ripped men, musicans, adorable men!! AHH! haha :) thanks for the pics! to bad i dont know any of yall, so hot!

  • Amber:)

    #43 Dear you are just too cute for words. I love a man with blue eyes and a lip ring.

  • Chubby

    #11 Beautiful eyes!
    #19 I suppose the girl next to him is you?
    #20 & #27 Nice!
    #31 Wow!
    # 42 You are beautiful!

  • @VraniVolosa

    #40 !!! Way to go! May Oden be on your side :P :)))))

  • mjpang

    #65 is totally what I need right now. UGH.

  • TheTamara

    #36, i love my men with beards, attitudes and bars that have strongbow on draft <3
    #43, looooove lip rings.

  • Lila

    #9, you are so adorable and you look like you have a great personality as well!

  • T-Rexin'


  • BounceAround

    Oh my, one simple glance at #27 and I am in awe and wondering why I am not in that shower with the fine British man.

    #40 is pretty damn good looking too. He's the first guy I've ever appreciated looking at with long hair.

  • Ashley

    #9 is smokin'. #18 is my little brother!!! YAY! #27, YES PLEASE. Love the beard on #36. #40 is gorgeous.

  • Claire

    Lucky, lucky duck.

    • Sorryladies

      Thanks I love him tons! <3<3

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