Morning coffee in hi-res! (41 HQ photos)

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  • Laura W

    #4 First time one of my pictures made it:) yay!

    • Linda

      Good job Laura–I liked this one too!!

      • Laura W

        :) thanks Gma!❤

  • help

    cant find 39.

  • bubblerider86

    #12 i used to do the same thing!!
    #29 you don't have to remind me!!!

    • DistractedIndividual

      Brain is pretty much useless now on Fridays due to this:)

  • Jade

    #34 is Liu Bolin, and his work often has a political message.

  • Purdey

    #29 Who is this man and where can I find him!??!!😉

    • ale

      Apparently in England… moving my things in this moment.

  • Kaiwatha

    #29… oh my…. **flustered**

  • Pug

    I just saw #31 in my hometown's science museum. It really is more disturbing in person!

  • Bree1912

    #1 and #3 Awwwwwww!

  • jessie

    #29 so very very yummy

  • Chubby

    #29 More of his smile!

  • walkingtheriver

    #7 How great wouldn't it be to have your own house here? And a little dock with a nice little boat:)

  • @orchidfiend

    #18 That's awesome! #29 That's delicious! mmm mmm mmm

  • Caity

    #11 is from the Baltimore Love Project, check it out:

  • Ashley

    #29 – my God. Yet another reason for me to move to England. I vote we convince him to send theBerry a short video of him speaking in that lovely accent. Possibly shirtless. Please?

    • DistractedIndividual

      Sounds like a brilliant idea! :) …..But DEFINITELY shirtless!

  • DistractedIndividual

    #29 is amazingly sexy:)
    #39 is mine, I love the home-woods from where I grew up<3

  • walkingtheriver

    Artificial or not, it's awesome. However, I thought it was in the middle of the ocean with no land nearby, so that does take a little bit off of the charm :p

  • Girl

    #22 is for people used to squat toilets? gross

  • Chiveinator

    I had Completely forgotten about this oneB)

  • Jess

    #29 show me his cute buttocks please Berry!

  • Amelia

    #29 Deserves his own post. We want more of that smile!

  • Say hey now

    #9 I AM ASHAMED 4 U

  • Kimmy

    Just a few blocks from me…

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