• Martin

    coooool… No. 15 is from the movie “The Goonies”, made in the 80s. Do you notice Sean Astin (Sam Gamgee)?

    made my day!

    greetz from Germany

  • myself

    #11 they forget to mention that's 16 from the left leg and 16 from the right one….

    • Girl

      They mean her implants are 16yrs-old.

  • gregatron

    #35 It's called a pickguard, FYI

    • Jes

      thank you! i was afraid no one would say that lol

  • Brittany Robinson

    #29 RIP Ryan Dunn

    • natasha

      this really shows what a good friendship they had. may he find peace as well as the family and friends he left behind. rip dunn! lots of love.

    • guest

      what an amazing pic.

  • @itsashlib

    WHOOOOO is # 26??? my new obsession!!!!

  • lexxy

    #26 is absolutely gorgeous. We need another tattooed men post Berry! They are my weakness!

  • Rosie the Rebel

    This part in Jackass 3.5 cracked me up! He will be missed.

  • ktellez

    #11 either she is the oldest looking 16-year-old in the world or someone is not telling the truth

  • Tess

    Who is #3?

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Thank you again for posting #39! ^_^

  • Ele

    #3 is Yoo Gun (Korean actor) check him out in afternoon eye candy

    Would love to see more of #26 and #27

  • Yamagata

    any idea where is #1 location?

  • no one

    #1 looks like plce i wnt 2 go

  • Sophie

    There are so many good pictures here but… typical me could not stop oogling at #17 and #19

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