Daily Awww: Check out your C-U-T-E pets! (38 photos)

Hi everyone! Y'all have the cutest lil' pets. There were so many awesome submissions... if you didn't see your pet pic, check back next week! Feel free to send yours. Click SUBMIT up top or mail to: theBERRYsubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Have a great one! Emily & Megan

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  • llano2

    #14 Why would you take a dog to the Philippines. They eat dogs there. I know, I've had it there back. I did not know at the time it was dog.

    • Bree1912

      Maybe they like travelling with their dog….its not like a Phillipino is going to snatch their dog away and eat it.

    • tina

      That isn't fair to say… I won't deny that they eat dog in the Philippines but that got started because there wasn't anything else to eat. Dogs are pets there too. Besides its not like someone would steal their dog away to make dinner.

  • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

    My Icabod kitty disappeared this last friday:( He was my little love button…Hope he comes home soon…

    • James

      thats awful news. hope he comes back safe and sound.:) x

      • Chiveinator


  • http://salon-intrigue.citymax.com Vanesa

    #12 is mine!! yay!

    #29 is so cute

    • kendra_58

      your puppy is SO cute!

  • Leather & Lace

    Cute Pets section is always my favorite thing about the Berry. Always makes me smile. I like reading about the pets and seeing the cute & clever names. I can never pick a favorite because they are all so adorable and unique in their own way.


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  • James

    #6 is just a gorgeous dog

  • http://www.tradingpost.com.au/Research?intref=nav151 Pets

    He's like; "are you making fun of me?" lol cute

    <img src="
    http://shechive.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/c-u-t-e-pets-214.jpg&quot; width="100" height="60" border="2" style="border:2px solid black;" alt="Love it" />

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  • Kristin J

    #23 is my puppy:D! i didn't think she'd actually get on here. haha:)

    • Chiveinator

      nice workxD
      so much cuteness in one pic<3

  • Auth

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