Miss USA 2011: Should math be taught in schools? (video)


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  • Bree1912

    LOL wow if this was real….America is in trouble

  • Rahm Emanuel

    Of course it isn't real. You know how a man knows? 1) it's not funny not at all, and B) these chicks are heffers who belong at the county fair 4H contest not the Miss USA…These chicks clearly know where the kitchen is, and they should stay there! Haters goin' Hate…

  • Rahm Emanuel

    Really the superior beings?Exactly how many cats do you have? And how much Lithium do you take in a 24 hour period? Now for the sandwich, you know where the kitchen is, but you also know you really should cut back on those nasty calories and get to a spinning class ASAP.

  • Karla

    oh my god, is this real?

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