Who do you want the new Office boss to be? (13 photos)

After Steve Carell (Michael Scott) announced that he would be leaving ‘The Office,’ producers have been on a huge search for a new star boss. Will Ferrell helped his departure by appearing in four episodes. But the main question was (and still is) who is replacing "the world's best boss"?

According to Huffington Post, the producers are now looking into their current cast for the answer. The competition is between Jim (John Krasinski), Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Andy (Ed Helms). Let us know who you are rooting for!

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  • girlnextdoor


  • Bree1912

    I'm going for Andy!!

    • office fan

      Agreed! He'd be funnyyyy

  • That Guy

    weird twist… on monday they announced that james spader was the new manager… but now they are saying he'll only be a temp manager and end up being the dunder miflin CEO. so awesome.

  • http://salon-intrigue.citymax.com Vanesa

    Andy would be the best. he is delusional and has good intentions!

  • DiamondD0ll


  • yumyum

    Dwight! Totally.
    That'd be hilarious.

    after all those years of being assistant to the regional manager!

    • maggie

      no way there was the episode when he was acting manager after michael left and he ran it like a dictarship was not very funny just annoying
      i want andy!

  • KenniBakes

    Where is the Jim love? They were hinting at how he needed to step up his game in the last ep, I think that's where they should go.

  • Julie

    ANDY BARNARD!!!!!!!!!

  • Peanut

    jim! jim! jim! jim!

  • http://www.facebook.com/conlou Connie Quirk

    I still think Darrell would be awesome…:) But any of the other three would work for me:)

  • Dana

    I'm going for Jim or Andy because Dwights antics would be crazy if he were to work under them.

  • Katie


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