Melissa McCarthy Joins Judd Apatow’s ‘Knocked Up’ Spin-Off (7 photos)

If you saw ‘Bridesmaids,’ you’ll probably be very excited with this news. Melissa McCarthy was the secret weapon in the film and producer Judd Apatow took notice and made moves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are reprising their characters from ‘Knocked Up.’ McCarthy will play the mother of young ‘Super 8’ star Ryan Lee. The movie will highlight life raising children in their forties.

A few weeks ago, theBERRY announced that McCarthy scored ANOTHER role with Apatow for a film known as ‘An Unconventional Love Story,’ with hottie Jon Hamm as the co-star. McCarthy and Apatow with will be working hand-in-hand to make people laugh in the future.

Click HERE to see what Jon Hamm and Melissa McCarthy will be doing soon!

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