Afternoon eye candy: Random hotties: Men with animals! (32 photos)

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Hey! If you know someone (and by someone I mean your boyfriend or friend) that is ‘Hot Men of theBERRY’ worthy… get your hands on a pic of them and send it in! Click SUBMIT or mail to theberrysubmit[at]



  • Taylor Christianne Perkins

    Um yeah. You know how on the Chive they do a FIND HER thing? Um, can we PLEASE start the FIND HIM on the Berry? (What a wonderful idea that no one has thought of yet!) Lol, and if we are doing that, can we please find #5, #23, and #29 ???:):):)

    • DistractedIndividual

      AGREED!!! Brilliant idea!!

    • random onlooker

      My goodness… we have exactly the same taste in men! These were the three pics that I was going to post, and lo-and-behold, there they all were – good lordy, they are FINE! especially #5!!!

    • mia

      yes especially #5

    • Ava

      I asked theBerry if they can do that too, but so far nothin. We should all comment about it then maybe theBerry will respond!

  • VampJenn

    #5 is freaking adorable

    • Amelia K.

      My thoughts exactly!

  • HeartUnderTheRose

    Men + Cats =❤!

  • Keep it interesting

    This should be a regular thing. And TCP ^ has a point.

  • UPSgrrrL88

    #17 Beagles Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #31 Favorite feeling in the world!!

  • Bree1912

    #17 That guy is smokin hot!

    • carly

      I'm pretty sure it's Alex pettyfer and this is from the movie I am Number four, I strongly suggest you watch it. It's not the best movie ever, but it's totally worth sitting through just to watch his beautiful self lol

  • BabyBleuNise

    Hello #15! You and your cat are very adorable!!

  • DistractedIndividual

    #4 #5 #10 #16 #28 and #29 MOAR! Find them all please….and bring them to meee! The Puppies and kittens too :p

  • Djamilia

    lllloove all the cat guys, especially #7, #22 and #23😀

  • Balorati

    #7 and #18 Yes please!

  • Amelia

    #17 and #30
    I think I just died of cuteness.

  • Taylor Christianne Perkins

    Oh, aaaand one more thing, when we find these men, are they gift wrapped and sent straight to my door? I mean, we can work out the details later…

    I think I'm onto something..

  • Dayna

    I love a man that loves cats…You guys ROCK

  • krisnicsd

    So long as #4 comes in a big box to my place. yess pleeease find him!

  • Gracie

    I totally would sleep with 31 of these guys haha

  • Martha Fitch

    I don't even like cats and I'm in love with #5

  • Itz

    #25:) ewan❤

  • fannybenbow

    I think I fell in love at least a half a dozen times just now.
    They are all adorable, but the plaid shirt+beard combos just kill me. Sigh

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  • Jen

    i love a man and his dog.

  • mia

    lol at #3 #21 cats are funny

  • Ashley

    OMG… #1, #4, #9 – yes, please

  • cynthia

    Is number 11 josh hartnett? If not he looks like a mix between him and johnny depp, very cute!

  • Alyssa Petersen

    #27 JONES! I love seeing him with his dogs❤

  • sydneysunshine123

    #9 Can we have more of him? Please? Not only is he cute but so is the kitten, just makes you go "awe"

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