• newscot

    I love how in #12 they started to spell it with an "S", then realized their mistake.

  • KYLE

    #23 Not necessarily a 'fail'
    Google 'Burma-Shave', in a nutshell though, they would advertise their shaving cream with several two or three word signs on the road and as you were driving by you would read their slogan.
    The same thing here, as you're driving by you see the 'S', then the 'A', then 'L', then 'E' and realize there's a 'SALE' going on.
    Granted their proximity might still fail since it's easy to see the whole word.

  • Big E

    #16 you lost son?

  • Bree1912

    #21 is hilarious!

  • Stacyface

    #2 is she for real???

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  • stevenfbrackett

    Ignoring the obviously staged ones there are a couple I wouldn't call a fail as much as making the best of a situation – like the guy riding the scooter in the rain. He looks foolish but he's just doing what he can to keep himself and his cargo dry. Is there some other "cool" way to do it? Maybe he couldn't wait the hours it might take for the rain to pass. . .

    As for %#1 – that might not be a fail either. Could be they knew Donna would never see it. Maybe Donna is illiterate. Maybe Donna just wouldn't be caught DEAD in that neighborhood. Maybe Donna is a cocker spaniel. In any event, they get to party without the snooty bitch!

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