Afternoon eye candy: Find Him! (28 photos)

You ladies wanted a 'Find Him!' section. Done. I scoured the comments and submit emails to find the first batch of hotties. We need your help though. If you know who these men are, comment below or write to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com. Feel free to send MOAR pics or new requests my way, too! You know what to do...
Have fun,
Emily & Megan
p.s. If you know of someone that is 'Hot men of theBERRY' worthy, we need those photos asap.

Click HERE to submit a ‘Find Him!’ request.

Click HERE for some shirtless Trevor Donovan.

  • gokitewin

    goodness gracious #4. Just sayin.

  • @angel_elle

    #1 & #8 wowzers!😀

  • Kaylagh Slaven

    #1 probably the sexiest guy ive seen on here, hey😉

  • Alexis marshall

    23 /4/18/3/

    Or so damn hot wish i a bring they home

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