• David Halliday

    I didn't know any of them

    • http://www.thechive.com DistractedIndividual

      Me either other than the obvious GaGa.

  • Kar_doosh_ian

    #8 Rob Kar-dooosh-ian is not a Celebrity. Duh, he is a dooosh though.

  • melon

    Am I the only one who only recognized a few. Captions would be nice:)

  • Lau

    #2 looks like Lauren Conrad and I love love love that dress. If anyone knows who makes it or where to find it you would be the most amazing person ever!

    • Berryaddict

      I love that dress too! I prefer wearing those in the summer!:)
      Might actually be one of the dresses she designed?! I know she had a line out for awhile. Not sure if she still does….hmm.

      Hope someone knows!! lol:)

  • AnnaR86

    1 David Arquette
    2 Lauren Conrad
    3 Ashton Kutcher
    5 Eva Longoria
    6 Jessica Simpson
    7 Britney with sister, sons and family
    9 Nicole Richie
    11Ashley Tisdale
    12 Marc Anthony (?)
    13 Kelly Osbourne
    14 Sofia Vergara
    16 Gaga
    17 Selena Gomez
    18 The Jersey housewives i think
    19 Ryan Seacrest and Demi Lovato

    I hope I got some of them wrong because if I didn't it means I have no life.:)

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  • Bob

    Not saying that I like photoshop, because I most certainly think it's over used, but, a clearer picture of some of these would be nice. LOL I can't tell who half of these people are.

    Oh, and is #17 a photograph of a photograph, with the subject of the inset photograph in the photograph?? What is this, inception??

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