• misschris

    #7 Taylor!!! My wonderful boyfriend's beautiful little girl.

  • cassi

    #22 and #32 are really cute and cool

  • jamiewinston

    #24 So posed. yuck. stop trying too hard.

    • Bree1912

      I loved this picture! You seem slightly bitter.

      • jlynn

        Slightly?..who the hell makes a bad comment on a post about cute kids?

  • jlynn

    #13 this is my lil girl…shes about the most awesome kid ever

  • hisela

    #27 cutest

  • Romy

    #28 and #29….cute!!!

  • sam

    #34 is mine he never smiles for pictures. ever. we were in line for the pirates ride at disney world grinning ear to ear. i say here let me take a picture and this is what i get. every freakin time. lol

    • Jen

      he is adorable and looks like a handful!

      • sam

        OMG girl! you have no idea. just an hour ago he ninja walked down the back of my couch and karate kicked my lamp of the end table. where he then looked at me and said "it was an accident momma" really dude? i'm pretty sure the look of pleasure on your face indicates otherwise.

  • Shep

    #26 has no nose, who got her nose?? Why didn't they give it back??? That is just cruel!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.pietrofere Lori Johnson Pietrofere

    #32 Add a duck-face, and she's got it down! 😉

  • rae

    my daughter and i love this, but she is a tad upset she wants to be included.. lol i told her to pick a pic so i can send it. any one know who i can email it to?

  • trimomarea

    Awww, #16, the little elephant, is my youngest son Walt. He's got the most bitchin curly hair ever.

  • alleygaga

    #22 is it bad that i want my future daughter to look JUST like her? well i dont care if it is.

  • hottimasprime

    #5-awesome and #26-squeeee!

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