• James

    lady gaga really annoys me these days. all about mumford and sons & adele!

    • Sam

      You're so hipster,

    • Bree1912

      I❤ Mumford & Sons

  • caleb

    Fabricated wannabe Madonna. Completely made-up persona.Brutal yet sheeples flock.

  • Tyler G

    #5 So-Much-Win!😀😀😀

  • ale

    there´s nothing in this lady, that makes me wanna hate or love her… all those costumes, are like… hideous.

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  • Rob

    One thing I do dig about her though, is that she doesn't seem to lip synch her live performances, yet still does all those dance moves. Even old school peeps like Madonna and Janet are sure to have done that. If she really can play piano too, then I give her props……although she seems to have enough of those already!

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    the piano woman's most eccentric instruments and i only be able to look at basic baby grands with disgust.

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