Brad Pitt’s wax statue is receiving early criticism from fans and press (9 photos)

Brad Pitt got waxified at the Musée Grévin in Paris, France. The wax figure was placed right next to George Clooney's clone. Press and fans have leaned towards an unfavorable judgement with the new work of art. One tabloid claimed that 'the only similarity between the real-life heartthrob and this lump of wax is the cream-colored suit.' What do you think berries? Little lovin' or lots of hatin'?

Click HERE to see celebs posing with their wax clones!

  • Niamhel

    He doesn't look the old! That statue is very aged!

    • Jess


    • @fonraysa

      Let's wait a few more years, and no one will complain about the statue.

  • The_Wincest

    The hair needs to be a little darker, but other than that, I would say it's pretty accurate

  • ale

    george clooney´s figure is kind of funny.

  • @erinwillett

    Well, he shouldn't feel bad, they didn't do so great on Clooney either

    • That Guy

      you are just being nice. it looks like a struggling xerox salesman. shlumpy and not the slender debonaire style Clooney is known for.

  • Laura Bee

    it looks like sawyer from lost

  • Claude M.

    I'm not sure that it is even close enough to be recognizable as an attempt at Brad Pitt.

  • Jessiicaaa

    Omg, I HATE it! It looks like a projection of what he will look like in another decade!! EW

  • Stroup

    LMAO, they waited until now to do a wax statue of him? WTF is wrong with the world, they made one of Justin Bieber before him.

  • bree1912

    Ladies to be fair, its pretty damn close. Compare it to a picture of what he looks like now. He's not 20 or 30 anymore. Check out the link below for a fair comparison.

  • anwar

    i think brad pit looks more like it than cloony😄

  • bree1912

    Ladies google "Brad Pitt 2011" the wax figure of him isn't that far off. I mean he is still good looking but he isn't exactly 20 or 30 anymore. Everyone has this image of him in their mind and they aren't aware of how much he actually has aged.

    • KeeKeeDee

      Uh, thanks for telling us what "everyone" thinks.

      I give the artist props for almost getting it. But GC looks like he melted, and BP looks like he just woke up…in 2030.

      • Redlady4

        I think she has a valid point, no need to act like a bitch and get all defensive. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

  • Anonymous

    They got the eyes right, but other than that he just looks old. Actually, he looks like Ted Neeley in Jesus Christ Superstar.

  • ahtri18

    ew i think it's horrible. it's like they tried for as much detail as possible and way overdid it.

  • That Guy

    what the wax people designers have failed to grasp is to capture the iconic style one is known for. brad's iconic style is meet joe black/legend of the falls, not the assassination of jesse james. or at least fight club.
    plus brad's jawline is a lot more substantial. nice try but no cigar.

  • 2 sexxy cute

    A high forehead, inverted "v" shaped eyes and eyebrows, a long nose and jowls? Looks like Ethan Hawke at 60.

  • DistractedIndividual

    I could see a resemblance…Too old though, they should have done one of him in his younger prime…Probably would've ended up stolen and sold for a sex fetish though:]

  • AnnaR86

    I understand the times are tough and aging the statues as the celebrities get older must be a hassle but making him look 15 years older than he really is really isn't the right solution.:)

  • KYLE

    I think Pitt statue looks more like Pitt than that Clooney statue looks like Clooney.

  • Eury Ramirez

    Hmm how about I would like to see any of you and the critics hating on this form of art just try and see how much closer you can make something that looks like Pitt. Seriously people, appreciate it for what it is, if we wanted an exact double well.. cloning is not perfect yet either.

  • sisserydoo

    Well, despite the above post, I'm going to go ahead and criticize. We were asked out opinion after all!
    The eyes are not right. Brad Pitt's eyes are bigger as compared to the rest of his face. Also, his eyelids are more rounded on top, on the wax figure they are straight.
    If you're going to make Brad Pitt, you have to get the eyes and lips right! (Pretty good on the lips, btw)

  • Dayna

    #8 I don't think it looks like either one of them.

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  • Carole

    Neither of them look quite right, & from the suits, it looks like they were going for "Ocean's Eleven," which was made 10 years ago, so there is no reason why Brad should look so old. Perhaps Musee Crevin just doesn't have the budget that Madame Tussauds does.

  • Erika Holmgren

    B's eyes aren't as squinted in the real life photo like the wax figure portrays.

  • Marty

    I hate it. Brad Pitt has been a sex symbol and one of the sexiest men in the world. They could have done a better job than that.

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