• http://www.facebook.com/meredithsarahlong Meredith Long

    Well now we need from for his brother!

    • http://twitter.com/orchidfiend @orchidfiend

      I was just thinking that! I've always had a crush on Joseph Fiennes.

      • mrsharrisonford

        I personally think his brother is hotter.

  • dkane

    #7 #21

    love them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bree1912

    #17 Something about him is VERY sexy!

  • VampJenn

    Voldemort is so sexy! lol no really he is such a good looking guy

  • deleted7956721

    #25 and #28 He looks so debonair and sexy. His voice is really what gets me though:)

    • Gina Barakat

      His eyes are intense. One word to describe Ralph Fiennes, Juicy.

  • pigmyanklebiter

    This post pertains to my intersts… i’ll be in my bunk

  • Amy

    hot damn! thank you berry for finally doing a ralph fiennes post! i'll be bookmarking this one.

  • Amelia

    #3 #6 #24 He looks like an older Bradley Cooper.
    And #17 is downright sexy.

  • Katie

    How can you post him and not Jason Isaacs? D:

  • Crystal

    Ohmyword. God bless whomever picked him for this. I just adore Ray Fiennes. Some of the pics of him when he was younger remind me of Bradley Cooper.

  • Mari

    I don't know.. but i just can see Voldemort when I look at him!😦

  • Noemi


    That is all.

  • Kate

    Thank you!!! i adore him!! he is so handsome:)

  • Chivette B

    I've been crushing on him ever since "Oscar and Lucinda". So hot!

  • girly

    Oh so Voldy does have a nose

  • HolyAllThingsYummy

    #7 Yes, puleeeeze. Love, lust, love, lust after Ralph for years….

  • Anthony

    Looks like an 'older' Bradley Cooper with a dash of Liam Neeson

  • jill

    bellatrix is all over this.

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  • Ellington3

    Ralph Fiennes is just lovely.:)

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