• stella bella

    holy shiz! i had no idea this was neville until i saw #4

  • http://twitter.com/swedishgirlies @swedishgirlies

    He looks gorgeous

  • Jen


  • Chubby

    He's almost as cute as Rupert.

  • ako

    #20 I could watch that all day.

    • VampJenn


  • VampJenn

    i love him so very much! Neville is one of my favorite harry potter characters! he's adorable!

  • bubblerider86

    Because Neville is a BAMF!❤

  • kate

    I really hope he has a wonderful career following harry potter, because I am dying to see him our generation take over the leading roles. step aside, brad pitt!!!! 😉

  • http://www.facebook.com/evelyn.ponce Evelyn Ponce Quintero

    amazing what getting your teeth fixed can do for your hotness level… he's SMOKINNN!!

    • Romy

      well he did have to wear false teeth in all the HP movies…

  • Blair

    #16 I love his smile! Oh Goodness!

  • Clumsy

    I fell over in front of him in a bar in Leeds last week, cringe! Got back up and walked swiftly on without even getting the chance to look at his gorgeous face! The shame…

  • Dana

    so so hot and oh so my type LOL

  • Ryan

    #24 Neville Applebottomjeans, put on your sweater and f*ck that snake up! My friends have our own Neville emote :F cuz buck teeth are SEXY

  • Estefania

    #25 oh my lord he is sooo cute and hot❤
    marry me please!!<3

  • Commander Shepard

    it's about time, Berry.

  • Itz

    I watched HP because of him.
    And…might be weird, but yes, i liked him better before he had his teeth fixed.

    • VampJenn

      oops i thumbed this down but meant to thumb it up. slip of the mouse. but i agree with you. i loved him back when too

  • maniacalmusic

    Is Ron photobombing #22 ?

  • misschris

    It is still a little hard to believe he grew up to be SO damn handsome! He's looking very dapper here #17

  • VampJenn

    i saw the new HP again last night. so i had to come back and look at this post again this morning for my Neville fix. lol. yep he is still adorable

  • Brianna

    FAVORITE EDITION EVER! He’s been the background on my phone of him carrying Gryffindor’s sword since the last movie came out.❤

  • maria

    #14 Be nice to the nerds, they might grow up to look like him

  • Angela

    He was always adorably nerdy (in both books and movies) but… hot damn, Neville.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannancrews Shannan Crews

    This was me way back when my husband got me into Harry Potter. Neville was always my favorite and Matt played him spot on!!!

  • kelc237

    i need to read his book on how to travel through puberty successfully cuz i did not haha:) but yeah in the like 5th one i realized he was getting hott, now hes hooooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • Piertotum Locomotor

    Thanks Berry!😀 Best eye candy you've had in ages! #16

    • Lucy Schroeder

      I totally agree! Berry, you've fulfilled my desire😉 (not adding a pic cause not able to choose one)

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