• mali_sapun

    #23 wow!

    • Sara

      My thoughts exactly….who wouldn't like to wake up to THAT every morning?😉

    • Cecil

      I can say, as a dude, that this is a little creepy. I hate waking up and a girl is just staring at me.

      • Veronica

        well, there's nothing that will stop me from staring! *sniff*

  • Lindsey

    #23 Had to be one of the sexiest photos … EVER.

    • evelyn

      yeah i definitely stared at that one for a little too long

  • Ele

    who is #29 wawooooo

    #39 is beautiful but too perfect

    • Liz

      Name of 29 please? I need a new desktop background!

  • stella bella

    #8 get's me every time😦

  • Laura

    #22 is kinda awesome

  • cassi

    #23 #29 beautiful

  • Sara

    I think we can all agree…#23 #29 #39 Find them. Go!

  • Sean

    #19 I know we all say "LOL" but I honest to God lost it on that one.

  • wqo

    # 19 meme name?

  • Ashley

    #19 made me laugh.

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