• Jen

    wow – i guess if it's your site, you can delete any comments you want.

    • Boo

      Too bad she won’t delete the pics she stole as well

  • Crazy

    yeah that comment was funny, angry, and now deleted.

    • Jen

      i wonder when our comments will get deleted…

      • creamed corn

        haha yeah, wouldn't want proof they delete comments they just don't like

        • Why U Stealing Pics?

          Why would they delete comments? Oh, maybe because they're stealing photos and someone pointed that out. Too bad because I had some tips for that angry person who didn't know how to take off glitter polish or get it to look good in the first place.

          • creamed corn

            oh well i would love to know how to get glitter polish to look good and stick, it seems to chip. I also think deleting comments is lame, seeing this is suppose to be an open discussion of ideas and opinions. Mreow.

            • Why U Stealing Pics?

              Base coat makes all the difference–once I found what worked for me, my chipping issues went way down. Instant Artificials is my usual go to (they sell it at Sally Beauty), but if I think a polish is going to be tricky (holo, some glitters), I use a sticky base like Orly Bonder, and do base-color-base-color-topcoat (aka "stickey sandwich"). Also, the plus side of most glitters is it's easy to touch up chips because the finish is so irregular–repairs don't show like they do on cremes.

              • Creamed corn

                Thank you!

          • Cookie

            I don't think your comment is going to last long, there is too much truth too it.

  • Emy

    With the gold nail polish by Deborah Lippmann, do you paint your nails first with a nude shade and then paint the gold over it, or does it already come in the bottle looking like that?

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