Daily Awww: I will LOVE you always and forever (41 photos)


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  • Seldi84

    That's a good idea, i may have to print some off and put them around town.

  • EZEE


    Damn, I have something in my eye.

  • Rebecca

    #20 Sooooo sweet!

  • Hopeful

    These posts are the reason I became addicted to theBerry. They give me hope that He's really out there…somewhere…

    • Anthony

      Yes, I am. Have a good day, Hopeful =)

  • Sara

    #7 #10 #19 #21 #37…. Love all of them (especially 37 though) I'm suchhhh a girl!

  • Amy

    What is up with homegirl's legs in #24??

  • jidesh kumar

    good one.

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