Vogue is stirring up controversy (5 photos)

In the new issue of French Vogue, model Thylane Loubry Blondeau poses sultrily, wearing makeup, stilettos and haute couture. So what's the controversy? She is only 10-years-old.

"This isn't edgy. It's inappropriate, and creepy, and I never want to see a 10-year-old girl in high-heeled leopard print bedroom slippers ever again," wrote Chloe Angyal, editor of Feministing.com.

So what are your thoughts? High end or high risk?

Click HERE to see Emma Watson in Vogue!

  • amy

    how is this any different than the mothers that parade there young children around on stage and make them look like miniature versions of barbie but hey lets turn this in to a huge issue and not that because its completely okay to do that but this is just so god awful cause its the cover of vogue *gasp*

    • VampJenn

      Its not different. its creepy both ways!

    • Debbiebam

      I agree. I think it’s disturbing when parents dress up their 2-10 year old kids in overly revealing outfits, spray tan them, and put fake teeth in their mouths just so they look “perfect”. But I also think this photoshoot is overly sexual for a ten year old.

      God forbid we let kids be kids anymore.

    • ahtri18

      no one said it was any different than the toddlers in tiaras. it's horrific and disturbing no matter what.

  • kelly

    Completely Distrubing. Ten year olds should look like ten year olds, not 25 year olds. Ridiculous!

  • moody

    I think it is wrong and just asking for her to grow up with eating disorders and a false since of reality. A ten year old girl should be playing dress up not setting a standard of beauty.

  • Ash

    I feel bad for any guys who look at this picture and get turned on. They automatically think…oh my gosh! Am I a pedophile now?

    Beauty magazines have been making women feel bad about themselves for years and we're pretty used to it by now. Here's a new angle. Make guys feel bad about thinking this is hot. Good job Vogue.

    • http://twitter.com/SSJGodan @SSJGodan

      the photos themselves are neither "edgy", "creepy", or "hot". relax.

  • Kedalo

    We have enough difficulties with pedophiles… they don't need any encouraging!

  • Jocelyn

    I hate what this means she's being compared to, but imagine how it felt for her. She was in Vogue! It could go either way, but she may have been totally floored acting as a real super-model. I wouldn't mind a ten year-old doing serious modelling if it weren't for what modelling entails.:/

  • Lara

    People talk to kids growing up with esteem problems and image problems, and that’s definitely possible, but young girls need to discover who they are first. I modeled professionally when I was in my late teens, and even then it was easy for my sixteen year old self to find my identity in what I looked like rather than who I was. This girl needs to know she is loved for who she is before the world gives her attention solely based on looks.

  • Pedobear

    This is so hot.

  • friendzie

    I my friend shared this on twitter 2 days ago and I think the reason why it's such a big controversy is because of the last picture on this site.

  • kelc237

    she is beautiful with all the make up they shouldn't have done that

  • kelc237

    oops i mean without all the make up

  • Emma G

    She's a beautiful girl but those pictures are deeply disturbing.

  • headless

    i just see a little girl, i dont find the pics sexual or at least the ones here, if anything i am not even seeing the clothes just a little girl trying to hard to play an adult.

  • GingerLounge

    It's gross. A ten year old doesn't need to be shot in photos using those angles or implied messages. The implied nude is the worst, but the makeup, hair, dresses, shoes, etc. are all way out of her age group. She's younger than even Brooke Sheilds was when she started out her first big modeling campaigns. And Brooke Sheilds was statuesque and looked older for her age. This girl LOOKS ten. Plus, let's face it, she is a beautiful little girl, I don't think she should be marketed – I think she should be protected from pedos.

    We live in a world where human trafficking (especially of very young girls – sometimes younger than two) is a huge black market money hog for rich men with filthy secret lives. I'm not saying this supports that – but it isn't helping to fight it either. We need to fight media that supports sexualizing very young girls. Especially for profit and hype.

    But really – where are the parents??

  • Andy Valentine
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  • Ali

    It is just an extreme example of how we sexualize girls way too young – the fashion industry has been dolling up 14-16 year olds for years.

    WIth all the merited backlash the images are getting, I hope someone is telling this little model that being feminine and beautiful is OK, just wait a few years!

  • mimi

    #3 Is just weird. She looks 20 there

  • hannah

    It must have been a pretty big thrill for her, but it is just a little too weird.

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  • erica


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  • SmartPotato

    "10 years old" (no hyphen)… it's "10-year-old" if using the term as an adjective…

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