• http://bettyamazing.tumblr.com/ Betty

    You can buy that pocketwatch necklace at Scary Canary! http://www.scarycanaryclothing.co.uk/antique-rose… xx

  • bree1912

    LOVE everything in #2

  • LK1

    Where can I find everything in #2. I love it all too!

    • Elphie

      I'd love to hear an answer for this too! That outfit is just stunning.

  • Julio

    Good list, 60% or so from this list i could relate to, but im from Denmark as well, Cant beeivle you missed LEGO though.And the guy POTTTTT is appearently a retard, how can he say that America is the best place to grow up, when he havent tried growing up in AWESOME DENMARK!

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