• bubblerider86

    #11 reminds me of inside Jeannie's bottle!:)

  • Carrie

    Beautiful photos!

  • Lolita

    Very nice..#9 sounds good right now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001295922371 Hayley Von Feldt

    #27 adorable fail❤

    • Jan

      Wow! These photos are rellay gorgeous. I love that they are not the traditional wedding photos you normally see, but rather more imaginative, creative and artistic. The setting was beautiful and captured very well. And, of course, the bride was glowing that day which all of the shots depict along with her handsome groom. Very nicely done! Congrats Haley and Mason!!Diane

  • Chubby

    These posts make me realize how girlie I am in fact.

  • http://fastf0rwarrd.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/la-hermosa-12-cupcakes/ La Hermosa #12 (Cupcakes) « The Language of a Boring Person
  • Asshat

    I would like to add that not all girls are like this. Barely half of these appealed to me.

  • Catherine

    Good to know the restrictive gender norms are alive and well >_>

  • Monika

    Oh wah, stop exaggerating, girls. I'm not particularly girly, but this isn't "restricting" anyone. Since when is wearing a dress or liking pink or liking /the beach/ so terribly anti-woman? We all have as much of a right to wear a skirt as we do a pair of slacks, and implying that a girl is less of a woman for wanting to paint her nails or bake a cake is downright insulting. We're all girls here, and we're all different. But none of us are any less of a woman because of what we like to do or wear.

  • Rhian

    I think the point is, women are considered less of a woman if they *don't* relate to any of these things.
    This was so awfully stereotypical. I started to worry actually, 'I must make a pretty rubbish woman if I don't have hundreds of pairs of shoes, have no desire to bake cakes, don't have a big collection of jewellery etc'. Yeah, I do make a rubbish 'woman'. But I'm a fantastic individual😀

  • Dee

    It's not meant for everyone, get over it. Jeez. When you're complaining so much about it, you're proving the point that you're even more girly by not liking what it is. UGH.

  • Patty

    I love the glitter!

  • Anonymous

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm love it

  • http://www.stylemadesimple.net/index.html Wardrobe stylist

    Love colors. Flowers. And all sweet things including cakes.Thank U AL!

  • steve

    super. fucking. retarded.

  • My Princess Kingdom

    Love, love love it! Sparkly, pink, girlie, fabulous! Great collection of images!!

  • sailintothesunset

    So true! Take a look at my fashion blog, http://sailintothesunset.wordpress.com/, girls can relate to it as well haha

  • http://www.frasada.com/ Tracy Roberts

    Great captures just loved the spa and beauty trends in regards to apparel that has been showcased above.

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    • Felix

      Holy awesome piruects! All of them turned out so great and you guys are so beautiful together! The wedding was an absolute blast, I think we should do that more often! Much love to you both!

  • Vinicius

    How exactly is this being a sell out. He’s not coismormping his beliefs in any way. Selling out is what every congressman and senator in washington has done.

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