‘Sex and the City’ coming back to TV? (26 photos)

Calling all Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha fans - According to the Daily Mail, 'Sex and the City' is coming back to television! Producers met in Hollywood last week to discuss the new show.

‘Ultimately Darren Star – the man who created the hit series – will have the overall say, but everyone is agreed a TV show is the direction they want to take the franchise in,’ says my LA mole.

Sarah Jessica Parker will be producing. She was worried about doing another film after the bad reaction to the SATC2 movie, but a TV show is definitely something she wants to happen.’

This is great news for fans of the show, but it also means that any plans for the much-discussed movie prequel will likely be put on hold for now.

Click HERE to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s transformation!

  • Nom de plume

    Don't…just don't.

    • maryxiao

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  • Andy Valentine


  • http://twitter.com/ANNAOMGZ @ANNAOMGZ

    For the love of God, NO.

    Not with this cast, not with a new cast, no, no, NO.

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  • doloresleft

    really- don't these women want to move on from playing the same 80's characters?
    even if they change everything, who cares anymore-its all about shopping, shoes and sex
    the only decent actress is cynthis nixon- and she had had other roles- the rest play exactly the same character in everything they do.
    sara jessica perker is living in the past- why do investors always bet ont eh stupidity of americans?

    • John

      The show started in the late 90's, Dolores. Get it right.

  • Absurdist

    Isn't Cynthia Nixon already committed to The Big C on Showtime?

  • deemac

    GO FOR IT!
    Love to see it return;and so would a lot of others.
    This show is for a certain part of the population; and that is all these ladies need!

    • mary

      You are so right! We don't need no stinkin' prequel! LOL

      • Jenibelle

        Imeprssive brain power at work! Great answer!

  • Daisy Lou

    Can't wait to see them back. It's not just about shopping and fashion and romance, it's about friendship, about connections, about how we all deal with problems in life. Yes, we all have problems and we can make through it with friends.

  • bob

    You gotta be kidding. Who wants to see these old bags trying to act like twenty something. Too many things that need to be up lifted.

  • nmdaily

    if you don't like it, don't watch it! stop complaining about it when you can just as easily flip the channel. sex and the city is one of my favorite shows, i'm glad they decided to continue the story that SOME viewers are actually interested in watching!

  • Iris Goland

    Losing a lot of respect for SJP.

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  • hollyglightly123

    Why can't the SATC people leave on a high note, a la Seinfeld? The show ended when it needed to. And the movie was a great move, as we got to see what we needed to see about them. But then, they pushed it with the second movie. And then started talking about a third one. And now they're returning for another show? Ugh… seriously. It was FABULOUS back when it was on. Don't ruin it!

    • Sarah

      Probably because people don't want it to end!! Do u honestly think they would be making series or more movies if people were not asking for it? DUH!

    • MollyDoesTravel

      Because people like me will watch them sit and chat over coffee for the rest of their lives! I love those characters, loved both movies (and actually loved the 2nd more because it was like 2 hours of hangin with the girl). No one is making you watch:)

  • LosAngeles2011

    WOW, the movies were awful! But I guess it can be about the elderly Sex and The City gals collecting their social security checks and spending them on Manolos and Gucci! How fabulous!

  • emerald6546

    Oh, please don't do it. It was offensive enough to start with.

    My main resentment is that the few times I saw it on TV and the first movie I was forced to go see, they had the most offensive, stereotypical portrayals of gay men.

    Maybe I missed the point. Is it supposed to be a cartoon?

    • Shelbs

      You definitely missed the point. It's TV, HBO no less, so of course there are stereotypes.

  • Fallon

    Loved the original HBO show, and enjoyed the first movie. The second movie….not so much.
    I would rather watch SATC reruns than view a bad attempt at recreating the original "magic".

  • Sara

    I know there are a lot of haters, but if the original cast and crew are involved, it will be much better than a prequel movie, or a reboot with new actresses – history has taught us that much at least. And for all you who don't like the actresses, considering this – if they're busy doing the show, they won't be doing movies and you won't have to put up with them.

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  • Suester

    I adored the tv show. loved the first movie. Hated the second–at least that part where they went to the middle east. It was so shallow. The clothes had more import than the story. Don't get me wrong–the clothes are important, but they should complement the storyline. Instead, when in the middle east, the clothes were so outrageous that it was unbelievable.
    And the absolute worse offense was Samantha's storyline. the way they handled menopause was deplorable. Also, she was supposed to be a savvy business woman. who can handle anything with style. Instead, they showed that a woman in menapouse is a uncontrolable hysterical freak of nature that loses all touch with reality. That was truly the most offensive part of the second movie.
    So, it it is more of the tv show or the first movie–fine, bring it on. If it is going to continue with these grotesque caricatures of what maturing women are like–then forget about it. I'd rather watch reruns of the Golden Girls.

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  • Kristen

    Wow, I love this idea. I can only watch so many reruns before I get bored and crave more. I love the movies as well and do think that they remind us that no matter where we are in life and how old we get, friends can and will be there.

  • orgasm

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