• bubblerider86

    Cutie ( & built! wow, he grew up nice) but i keep seeing him as the son on HIMYM and it's weirding me out…..

  • Tyler G.

    #6 Ted Mosby has one gorgeous son!😀
    Hopefully he learned a few tricks from his Uncle Barney. ;D

  • Andie

    I thought he was sexy before it was legal… not bragging, btw.

  • GingerLounge

    I think it's bad that every time I get these mixed emotions of either:
    "Holy crap he's good looking" and "Isn't that kid from the Disney Channel?"
    Not sure if I feel okay about this or kinda like a creeper LOL

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  • Travis

    The 1st time I saw this kid(on That's So Raven I believe)I said "GAY".

    & I still say it.
    He'll get outed by some blog some day…

    • guest

      # 19 might show he doesnt mind

      • http://twitter.com/_NoraBrown @_NoraBrown

        #19 isn't him. It's a model he gets confused with a lot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1500436367 Elizabeth Delgado

    I love him!

  • Catence

    It is ridiculous how good he looks.

  • vanillabean

    So gorgeous! Why did I not know about him before now?

  • Joanne

    I'm so glad that he is legal. He's so hot that it hurts.

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  • mary

    always thought he was cute…despite his affiliation with disney channel

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