• http://www.facebook.com/yoanna1106 Yoanna Teodora

    #21 awwww….they're sooo cute!! I want one!! and of #60 that too …lol

  • http://www.ynyogaposes.com zachynyoga

    wow, amazing group of photos. nice work.

  • orly

    #46 holy danger and pollution batman!

  • bubblerider86

    ah #34… welcome to the promised land😉

  • dana

    #17 now that is a good bowl of cereal!!!

  • beautyandbraids


  • Just Words

    #32 Why are so many people so anal about differences in the use of grammar? Not everyone can or will speak it 'by the book'. Maybe it's a result of laziness, a lack of knowledge or some other reason…so what…get over it and find something truly important to worry about and complain about. It's just a simple matter of differences between people so how about trying to embrace the differences and try not to go all anal everytime you see/hear a word/sentence that is different than the way you would say it or is different than 'the book' says it should be. o.0

    • iProf

      someone didn't get the joke…

  • livexstatic

    ahaha #33 oh wow…

  • Gina

    is #58 from Asos?!!

    • kaseyolivia

      yes! i normally love the website but this fits terriblyy.not true to size at all.

  • kat

    #43, can we find him PLEASE!

  • bree1912

    Hmmmm I can't get enough of #45!! Please FIND HIM!!!!

  • misschris

    #52 Doesn't need photoshop. Christina Ricci is beautiful.

  • Jamie

    #4 and #43 Same guy? Where he be?

  • Nell

    #4 & #43….my big brother…just saying

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