Daily Awww: Thinking of you… (25 photos)

Here at theBERRY you see thousands of pictures. You've probably sent a pic or two to someone special because it reminds you of them, right? This 'Thinking of you' post is going to be a staple on the site. It will allow you to let significant others, family members and friends know that you have them on your mind.

Awesome instructions: Capture pics and be original. It could be of a person, place, thing, food... whatever you want... just BE CREATIVE! Click SUBMIT or email to theberrysubmit[at]gmail[dot]com.

Keep your eyes peeled for your pic in this post and send it to that special person. Hopefully they will submit a pic, too. You see where this is going...
Love: theBERRY sisters,
Emily & Megan

Click HERE to see the last ‘Thinking of you…’ photo gallery!

If you are thinking of someone, email your pic to theberrysubmit[at]


com or click SUBMIT!

  • Kate

    #24 ?Ummmm thats really awesome but why is it in this album?

  • Kat

    #24 ?Ummm that's really awesome, but why is it in this album?

  • Em

    Awww #12 is us!!!!!! Right above the LIE traffic

  • Trent

    #18 Yeah you are

  • Hailey

    #24 – Denver's Museum of Natural History!
    So many fond memories.. that sabertooth head has been there forever!

  • Demi

    #14 is me! Mmmm I took that ages ago, so glad it got posted, i just thought id spread the love around.

  • Mary

    YEY!!!! We're in! We're #7! :):):)

  • Seldi84

    #23 If only that was meant for me.

    • Beloved

      You mean the world to someone. I promise.

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