• 0Bianka0

    #15 You really are pulling off the bald look pretty good. Best wishes and stay strong!:)

    • Mreow

      You look beautiful! Good luck!

    • carolinagirl

      You are absolutely gorgeous!

    • Spice

      Wishing you a successful recovery.

  • RedRuby131

    #8 Oh!!
    if i was your vampire❤

  • Chan

    I'm not sure how to add the picture here! To the girl diagnosed with cancer, you're lovely! Your hair looked great before but taking that step and deciding to shave it before you saw yourself losing it, is amazing and made you even more strong, brave and beautiful to me! I hope everything goes well for you and the treatments cause your cancer to go into remission. I wish you the best!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=32800791 Katey Genrich

      If you want to add a picture in your comment, just use the number sign # and then put the number after it. Berry will magically insert the picture here for you! :o)

  • http://www.facebook.com/tcperkins Taylor Christianne Perkins

    OMG! #39

    Hottest men on a TV show.

  • girlunknown

    To the girl battling ovarian cancer. You look beautiful both ways. Go kick cancer's ass!😀

  • emi

    #8 I LOVE YOU!! ohh…

  • Dan

    #27 Neither! No tip for you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sara.Is.Princess Sara Smith

    #8 #24 #32 #37… Love 'em!
    #15… stay strong and rock the hair-free look! All Chivers and Berry girls unite for you!!!

    • the droh

      32 is brandon boyd – incubus

  • Katie

    #15 You look beautiful! Now go make that cancer your bitch!!

  • HGrow

    i have just some simple words for you, "Gerson Therapy". Watch some of the documentary's and read up. It's helping my friend get over her Kidney cancer, and if you decide, it may help you. And you can have your beautiful hair back!
    Lots of Love.

  • Gracie

    #7 wheres this from?
    #i can't wait for the return of vampire diaries
    #15 omg you are beautiful i prefer the after shot:)

    • Galina

      #7 is from Friends, season 2 — when Joey moves out to his own place. This scene is from either S02E16 (The One Where Joey Moves Out), or S02E17 (The One Where Eddie Moves In).

      • Gracie

        thanks. thought i recognised it.:)

  • milk

    to the beautiful girl in th bettie page t-shirt battlng ovarian cancer: stay strong! you are in our thoughts and prayers😉

  • Lindsey

    #30 … Gotta have it. Who's the designer?

  • Jessiicaaa

    #15 you are ROCKIN' that look! Best wishes, girl :0)

  • Seldi84

    #15 Cancer is the enemy, and after all what is best in life?

    To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    So go all Conan on the enemy.

  • TheTamara

    #15 bald is beautiful.

    my mother had breast cancer and she never looked so beautiful as she did when she shaved her head. my thoughts and prayers are with you through this journey. go kick cancer's ass!❤

  • Jules

    #9 #10 #11 and !#15 are all beautiful!❤

  • dana

    I will prolly get boo'd for this….but…#8…..Just does not appeal to me …Sorry =(

  • Ashley

    #15 you are such a strong person to do that and you look great! such an inspiration to ppl with cancer all over the world….keep it up!

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannancrews Shannan Crews

    #8 is sex in a hat.
    #32, is that Brandon Boyd looking all kinds of cute?

  • Katie

    what's #39 from

    • ine

      from pretty little liars

  • tami

    #15 u r beautiful stay strong

  • Chalisss

    There have been a lot of Morning Coffees and Berry Breaks featuring #32 lately. And I'm okay with that. Used to think girls who were in love with celebrities were nuts… til I heard/saw Brandon Boyd.❤

  • Jiggles

    #27 is brilliant. that would most def make me wanna tip lol

  • tected

    #15 You're CUTE!!! Rock some big hoops, they'd be KILLA on ya

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