• bubblerider86

    and my brain kept yelling, "YES YES YES, I too need these!"

    • Levitating

      the ….the berry has turned my christmas list to dust….why? because there was too much shit on it that i wanted to ma burned it up.

      damn u!
      DAMN U ALL!

      • levitating

        so* …not to ..
        now the berry's messing with my spelling ..shit

  • http://www.facebook.com/Sara.Is.Princess Sara Smith

    Where can I find #33??

  • Seldi84

    #21 Really? That's just bloody pointless, Who would need that to hammer in a sodding nail.

    Unlike #8 which is just awesome.

    • http://theberry.com/ walkingtheriver

      I take it you have never crushed your finger from hammering it

    • KenniBakes

      I've definitely crushed my finger once or twice and would have loved to have one of those.

    • Seldi84

      Never crushed a finger or thumb. I push the nail in a little so it holds itself up then hammer it in.

      it's screws i have the problems with, thank god for the magnetic screwdriver tips.

  • amandiola

    Where can I get #7??

  • ChasJones

    #8 Must. Get. For. Nephews.

  • tcja4

    I want #5.

  • bree1912

    Would love to try out #4 although I would probably be smelling my fingers all day! lol

    #9 looks like a place I'd like to curl up and read!

  • biophile

    I have #20!! I use it when I go camping. It's so comfortable.

    • beegirl

      WHERE did you buy this??? It looks AWESOME.

  • mcfly


    where can i buy these wonderful things?

  • DistractedColoradan

    LOVE, LOVE LOVE #37! That mirror is absolutely beautiful!

  • Bob

    #8…Awesome idea that would be the most annoying thing in the world after 5 minutes in the rain.
    #15…IS THIS THING REAL?!?!?!?!?!?
    #25…I love bags/satchels like this.

  • Camryn

    In #32, how would you put sheets on it?!

  • Princess Humperdink

    #29 Any idea where to buy?

  • Sandi

    ScottyA222 on August 28, 2010 Can seombody upload the Red Zone commercial they play every second on NFL Network right now with the hot girl hanging with the boys.

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