Daily Awww: You have always been this cool… (35 photos)

These awkward childhood photos make our day! Thank you so much for sending these gems. You need to be a part of the next 'You have always been this cool' post! Find your funniest kid pic and click HERE to submit.
Stay cool,
theBERRY sisters: Emily & Megan

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  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=32800791 Katey Genrich

    #26…oh look! Me and my sister again! Yay! That's one of my favorites of us! Thanks Berry!

  • Lindsey

    #15! Yay! Can't believe I got my picture on there so soon! Thanks Berry!

  • LOOVEukjfheklrdshlz

    this is such a great post!

  • Laurissa

    #13 Is my older sister! Hi Lucy! I Love you!

  • banmansmom

    #3 and #4! That's me!:) Thanks, Berry! Made my night! (And my husband thinks it's great that "the mullet" made it online!)

  • mali_sapun

    all of you are very cute!

  • Kelly

    all these photos are cute & great! #1 is just too cute. #12 little miss sassy pants is just so adorable. #14 the goat is cute too #30 i just love it! the cinder block is perfect for holding paint

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