• http://matchpersonalsblog.com/ Sara Love

    Wow she is so adorable. I love her accent, i wish my baby can speak like this. :))

  • Stefanie

    She is so cute! Ah! I fell in love!

  • Sarah

    hahaha! how come i get the impression that "daddeh" is a pet or something? awesome girl.

  • T-Rexin'

    I want my child to speak like this

  • André

    the cutest !!

  • Themightydagmar

    This video actually make me being proud ot have my yorkshire accent. sheffield all the way😀

  • Charlie

    Pretty sure that's a lancashire accent:/

  • http://twitter.com/ANNAOMGZ @ANNAOMGZ

    em, so who wants to have a baybeh with meh. We can go to Blackpewl and have sweeties and hang 'round like a MUNkeh.

  • Kay

    ahhh I love her!! too cute!!

  • mooseknuckle907

    Freakin' adorable

  • mimi

    so cute but kind of hard to understand

  • michi

    Very cute now, but it will sound terrible when she gets older!

  • geeveebee

    Skeg-Vegas, brilliant! Lovely childhood memories of holidays to Skegness:)
    But being from Yorkshire myself and all that, this is actually a Lancashire accent!
    May not seem much different to Americans, but to us it's a big deal to us in the North!

  • helensbels

    Soo cute…..makes me proud to be from Yorkshire (Leeds)x

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