• GingerLounge

    #32 – Swoon

  • 9 5 wictor wictor 2

    Thank you berry!!!😀 #1 and #5 Star Trek FTW

  • Melissa

    he makes me feel like a perv! too young but so nice to look at!

  • chocopie


  • Karen

    I've been lovin' his skillz ever since he was in "Taken." Along with Dakota Fanning. My family and I both raved over those two and said they'd be big some day. oh yeah.

  • DeeJay

    Good actor but not so sure about being eye candy.

  • orly

    #7 makesme think he would make a good 'michael corleone' if they ever do a godfather remake… which they shouldn't…. but still lol

  • hidden object games site

    Is she swimming without panties on a swimsuit on. That’s gross.

  • Melleky

    Eye Candy? Mmmmm….. I'm not quite sure about that?…

  • Anonymous

    umm no

  • kris

    #26 that chandelier is amazing!!

  • Joanne

    I want to fuck him so bad. He looks extra fuckable in 2,7,23,24,29,34, and 35

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