Morning coffee (38 photos)


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  • mrperson95

    #25 At first I was like "oh she's pretty" but then I looked at what was behind her, and I vocally screamed "OH GOD OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!1111!1!!1"

  • CanUK

    Both of them look amazing still!

  • mali_sapun

    #32 who is that?

  • f_ckyeanurse

    #7 Happening right now
    #24 Just saw his new movie and he is still looking yummy
    #38 so gorgeous and the military getup just makes it better!

  • myself

    #31 Always loved that movie and that guy.

    • dana

      devin sawa…..he is hot now…you can find him making guest appearances in the show "Nikita"…very nice!!!!

      • dana

        sorry didnt see the reply towards the bottom about him.

  • Kristi Farley-Cota

    #3 Thats our plan!
    #15 LOVE it!!
    #34… sweet

  • Sarah

    what movie is #31 from?

    • @cristinleigh06


  • McAwesome


    Yessss!!!!!!! I'm so glad I wasn't alone as a child thinking this. All these wasted years…..

  • jlynn

    #31 takes me back…oh i used to watch the movie just for this one part and my huge crush on devon sawa…u should do a post of some random cuties from the 90s all grown up…like Devon Sawa, and JTT, lol…flashbacks to posters on my wall!!

  • Rebecca

    #10- Hate that.

  • zookeeper

    #5 Ah, Brock Harris. He's gorgeous.

  • CaptainKate:)

    what movie is #26 ? and #27 looks dangerous haha

    • kim

      10 things i hate about you

  • tanya

    #14….where is this? Anyone know??

    • Allegra

      Pamukkale, Turkey.

  • dfgdfs

    aaaaaaahh! #17, i used to have (and work out to) that tape!

  • Hayley Von Feldt


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